Not-quite-students at HarveyMuddCollege who are still in the state of BeforeYouWereBorn. They show up for one or two days, and then we generally never see them again - except when they decide to show up and then we spend the rest of our lives with them.

(Note that BeforeYouWereBorn refers to the time before you came into existence at Mudd. Heaven knows how PreFrosh manage to explore much of Mudd while still in the womb.)

Any statistics or fun stories about how many PreFrosh managed to pick up nicknames before they came to Mudd, and then kept that nickname for a decent amount of time? I was VideoGameFrosh? thanks to my PreFroshWeekend stint in SouthDorm Lounge... -- EvilSouthie

I believe Kevin Esvelt aquired the nickname Hardcore Frosh, and it continues to be used (at least in Hashing circles). See HashingInTheRain.

I was "ChainMaille Frosh" before I arrived at Mudd, but not through dint of being a PreFrosh. Rather I had the habit listed on one of the interminable forms Mudd asks you to fill out.

he he he... prefrosh he he he... -- ThousandBlankWhiteCards card
A song fragment I've heard around... To the tune of FishHeads:
''PreFrosh, PreFrosh,
Rolly polly PreFrosh.
PreFrosh, PreFrosh,
Eat them up, yum!

see also PreFroshWeekend

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