I was here for PreFroshWeekend 2004, and had a rather good time. I roomed with RichardGarfinkel and EricBerglund, along with another prefrosh who may or may not be here. I might investigate... I will admit that I did play both ChesSers and ItrGames while here. I guess the indoctrination was successful, since I ended up as an enrolled FrOsh. --PhilMiller


I stayed with PaulScott and spent most of the weekend hanging out with GregSandstrom playing video games. LoriThomas made creme brulee. There were ItrGames. --RichardGarfinkel


There were no PreFrosh in 2002. None. At all.


ItrGames with PreFrosh began at midnight on Monday.


The PreFrosh are gone...

There were more prefrosh than frosh on campus this weekend. Crazy. Did anyone else think that 180+ prefrosh was just too many?

The hash turned into HashingInTheRain and SlipAndSlideAnywhere...

The PreFrosh were playing ChesSers! (insert Evil Laugh here)

So, we had two PreFrosh and a pre-proctor.--NateCappallo

I hereby nominate this page as "Most Needing Timestamps", as it bounces around across (I believe) 3 years of PreFroshWeekend. Annoyingly, the first and last bits are both from the same year (my year, 2000), and the stuff in the middle is mostly from later than that. Oh, never mind, I'll just put the years in myself as best as I can. Feel free to correct them if you think you know better than I do.--DanCicio

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