"Breznay my Beleznay" - a certain class of 2024 Eastie physics major, many, many times

Physics professor and Mudd Alum '02 (although not of EastDorm- he was in CaseDorm for three years, then had his senior year in AtwoodDorm). Also known as GeckoBreznay?. He is pretty much the dorkiest guy you will ever come across. An all-around lovely guy; did research with ProfessorDonnelly while at Mudd, and has a lot of funny stories about how he got B's in some of his classes (famously in Physics24? and StatMech). Very similar chill, sweet dude energy to ProfessorIlton.

Does research in disordered thin films - although CarletonImbens may tell you it's chemistry, he's only trying to hide from the truth. Research advisor and begrudging mentor of CatherinePhillips and EllenFerranto (as of 2023). Ask him to take you on a tarantula hike!

Cool guy, taught a different physics course 6 semesters in a row.

AdLab guru

According to ProfessorGerbode, he calls the Schrödinger equation "the Schrö." Truly terrifying. This has been picked up by ProfessorGerbode and ProfessorShuve for BigQuantum and JediQuantum respectively.

At some point in graduate school he was in a lab which had a big-time rivalry with ProfessorIlton's graduate school lab, which they only found out about when they began teaching here. Due to the humor of it all, the students in BrezLab and PoSMLab have been trying to reinstate the rivalry between the two groups.

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