Professor Coleman is really neat. He likes to use Cyrillic letters, so you're going along, and he says, let the order of group G be p to the Ya, where, Ya divides Shtcha. And so you're sitting in the back of class trying hard not to laugh, you look at others, they're sitting in disbelief as well. He's a really nice guy, and since he's a ProfessorEmeritus?, he doesn't really care too much. His speciality is DE's, and he and ProfessorBorrelli keep Mudd students employed for years with work on their book and a program. You might have heard of it; ODEArchitect? :)

Hey, shtcha is one of the coolest letters ever. At least he's using one of the ones that actually sounds like something...

Its also really frightening how similar ProfessorBorrelli and ProfessorColeman are to Statler and Waldorf from the muppets when they are talking to you at the same time.

He has taught DE's, Complex Variables, as well as Abstract Algebras I and II.

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