A CGU Prof that for some reason unknown to us is teaching MultiVI? for the second half of Spring 2006. He denotes vectors by underlining the symbol rather than placing an arrow over it. While poking around on Google seems to indicate that this notation does actually exist elsewhere, it currently is serving mainly as a source of annoyance. ProfessorJacobsen uses arrows and so half of the frosh in MultiVI? are using one notation, half are using the other and trying to work together while using different notation can get to be a pain. (It's mostly used in disciplines where there are already seventy-hojillion marks above the symbol, and adding another line on the top would just be piling insult on injury.)

Alright, time for some actual content. In my personal opinion, ProfessorCumberbatch is a terrible Professor. Don't get me wrong, I respect him a lot as a person, and his classes have quite a few genuinely amusing moments. But his teaching, at least for Math 14, was horrible, and I don't think I'm the only person to think this way. This arises from the fact that he never really taught us anything, but just gave reams and reams of examples, which were all pulled straight from the book. And without the context of theory or anything like that, these examples were mostly meaningless, leaving us to go through the homework at a painfully slow rate, trying futilely to learn the material. I didn't really learn how to do Line Integrals until Math 61 (taught by the incredibly awesome ProfessorYong) for this reason, which is not what I'd call a good thing. -- DavidLapayowker

A student in this graduate-level fluid mechanics class from a couple years back maintained that he sounds exactly like Hannibal Lecter: "Today... we're going to derive the Navier-Stokes equations ... and then I'm going to eat your liver." --RobinBaur (not that student, but was thinking it too...)

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