A kickass, amazing ComputerScience Professor who lives, breathes, and eats CS, attending to the needs of his students in much the same way a royal court might serve a princess. Extremely energetic and enthusiastic even though he apparently sleeps even less than many Mudders. Has been known to jump on top of slide projectors and drop markers to approximate pi. (He had people throw candy in class to approximate pi, too!). Poptart enthusiast,

Probably one of the great Bait-and-switches of the CS department. Dodds teaches CS5, but then you don't see him again until some pretty high-up CS courses. Not to diss any of the other CS profs, among them being the exceptionally cool ProfessorRan

Dodds lived in East for a week the summer before his sabbatical. (The word of SuiteBetrayal places this as the summer of 2005.) He said in CS60 (Fall 2008) that he would show the class pictures of his dorm room at some point.

According to a story told in CS60 in Fall 2008, when Dodds was teaching high school, one of his students came across the 3 utilities problem (connect 3 utilities to 3 houses such that every house has every utility and no lines cross when the connections are drawn on a piece of paper). Dodds told the student that if he figured out the problem, he would get an A in the class. It is worth noting that graph theory proves that this problem is unsolvable.


Here we have a robot oriented at 45 degrees, which is pretty hot ... at least in Celsius.

So let's say I'm Picobot *runs out of classroom*

I was trying to write python, but I accidentally wrote java.

Melissa O'Neill gave it to me with this 'CS 70: Do Not Share' written on it. I'm pretty sure if I put it on this slide, I'm not really sharing it.

With enough vampires and insanity, you get to Godel's incompleteness theorem.

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