ProfessorDonnelly of the PhysicsDepartment is definitely NOT one of the ScariestProfsAtMudd. He has a wife named Cheryl and young twin sons. It has been decided that he looks like the bastard child of Bono from U2 and Sting, formerly of the Police. However, despite what his musical roots may be, a few people have said that he sounds like QuentinTarentino?. ProfessorDonnelly teaches part of ElectricityAndMagnetism? and BigQuantum.

He's on sabbatical in 2004-05. This means that E&M is being taught by ProfessorSahakian and ProfessorLyzenga (correct me if I'm wrong) and BigQuantum will be taught by ProfessorSaeta (in a non-seminar format; sorry, kids). Ph34r?.

To clear up something involving FessNelson's fascination with ProfessorDonnelly, here is a message from EastDormSchmack:

Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 12:25:58 -0800 (PST)
From: "Fess (Jessica L. Nelson)" <jnelson@odin.ac.hmc.edu>
To: botaphiles <east-dorm-chat-l@hmc.edu>
Subject: Re: Roses and beauty (was Re: Lord of the Rings slash fanfic . . .)

> the statement "Elves are a beautiful people" does not translate to "i
> want to have sex with elves." it translates to "i find it enjoyable
> looking at elves." that does not, by the way, translate to "i want to
> see elves in playboy." art can be beautiful. nature can be beautiful.
> yes, even code can be beautiful. art and nature (and code?) can
> sometimes be sexual, but i would argue that the majority of the time
> (esp. code) they are not.

Excuse me?  Why did no one point this out when everyone was freaked out by
my Donnelly fascination?  Donnelly (in my eyes) is beautiful.  This does
not translate into "I want to shag Donnelly" but it does translate into "I
find it enjoyable to look at Donnelly" which does not translate into "I
want to see Donnelly in Playgirl."

So there!

--Fess " Even if (Elves!=Donnelly)" Nelson
ProfessorDonnelly is FessNelson's MajorAdvisor?. He is probably someone else's advisor.

FessNelson: Ahem, *was* my major advisor. At some point I came to my senses and went back to math...something about ProfMoody?'s magic pomegranates and Greek myth might be appropriate here.


"Imagine this campus without electricity." --Prof. Donnelly

"I got kids. They like to watch the divergence go negative in the toilet bowl." --Prof. Donnelly

"Can you hold my axis?" --Prof. Donnelly

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