ProfessorDuron is the brains, brawn, and slave driver behind whack-a-bridge, the E80 version of whack-a-mole. He is also the emergency contact in case the police think you're a bunch of terrorists.

Since he makes a living from destroying things, he is the second most likely professor to teach PHY 199 (CourseCatalogue).

His research definitely does not involve blowing up bridges. It is instead about short-duration high-impact forces on bridges. These are totally different.


In an email: "Module 1 does not an experimentalist make, so onto Module 2 you go."

"How do you go from rpm to Hz? You stick your finger in the fan hahaha"

"You can fall asleep here if you want. I won't know and frankly, it's happened before."

"We can model the model..."

"The problem with this approach is that you can't always get a big hammer and hit the thing."

"You guys are dead! Wake up! I'm going to get Cha down here to talk about jobbies."


"It's a velocimeter, not a velociraptor."

"I'm just kidding. If you ever call them infinitos..."

"Let's imagine I have a big mechanical vibrator..."

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