Teaches Astronomy 62, Astronomy 101, StatMech (pronounced "Statistical Meeechanics"), and the rotational motion section of Frosh Mechanics, along with various labs and recitations.

Very open.

ProfessorEsin: How can anyone wear the clothes from OldNavy?? I tried them on and they only came up to my !!!!! line.

And the students in StatMech just look around wondering whether their ears are working.

ProfessorEsin is basically like a student, except that she just happens to be teaching the course.

She is exceptionally energetic as well. (Also see ProfessorCha, ProfessorGu, ProfessorSu, ProfessorDodds, ProfessorBaker).


Quotes from Mechanics (Spring 2006)

"So the moral of these problems is that pigs are expendable and people are not." she pauses and thinks "But next time we should have the people die, just to be perverse."

during a discussion as to why we are bothering with dimensionless variables and in reference to the fact that physicsts who study general relativity like dimensionless variables:
"It is a real pain in the ass to take their equations and turn them back into something we can actually use."

Student: Was it planned so that we have the first midterm on Valentine's Day?
Esin: You are too old to believe in Valentine's Day!

"I'm not paying attention to you, but I am."

"We all make mistakes. Even I make mistakes, and I'm perfect."

"I know last time was ages ago - B.E. - before exam!"

"...and while this thing is spinning I sneak up on it stealthily and cut the rope!"

From ?Statmech (Fall 2018)

"Z is all-important. Bow to Z. Z is our new god." (about the partition function)

"Seven hundred million degrees is still OK to be approximating as zero"

"[the Stephan-Boltzmann constant] is the proof of God's existence. Or at least that God uses SI units"

"You can come and look. Don't come too close! . . . You guys are such wimps, it's just a little methanol.

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