A most energetic "prof" who teaches "American Literature During the Cold War" - which really has nothing to do with the Cold War. Is moving to the East coast(New York) sometime this spring. He doesn't often stay on topic, instead often telling amusing stories from his past (Which isn't, as some might think, a bad thing). Could have been the most awesome Hum2 prof ever, but decided that he would indeed be moving instead. When you're done reading the quotes, remember to check out the NewReality.

Amusing quotes:

This quote isn't the funniest in the world, though it is sometimes amusing. I just thought it ought to be included, because if anything describes who Geaghan is and what he is trying to do with this class. I know it's long, but it should be read. Be patient, and stick through it to the end. I just wanted to point out that he tries so hard to help us hear his message, tries to make us hear each other. So here's a tribute to that. -MarissaQuitt

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