Even though ProfessorHelliwell is retired, his presence is still felt, especially in rhinos named Robespierre.

Teaches frosh physics, and is famous for his use of extremely fast rhinos in special relativity problems. Wrote the textbook about TheBubble as well as the special relativity textbook. Has taught TheoMech? and GeneralRelativity? as well. Helliwell's explanations tend to be extremely enlightening, and he has a habit of making up problems and solving them on the spot. A good prof to ask for help: not only will he actually answer the question you ask, he won't make you feel stupid in the process.

Some say that he resembles Papa Smurf. (But some would claim that description fits ProfessorBorrelli better.) Others think he resembles GoD -- after all, he's got the white beard, and he makes the universe work.

Possibly looks like George Lucas. Definitely is a Jedi Master.

"If all the air molecules in the room suddenly stopped moving, they'd fall to the ground, and we'd have a bunch of air just... lying on the floor."

"Even though it's elegant, it's still good physics."

"I did Hella-well." --an ex-Time Sucker, when asked how s/he did on his/her Relativity exam.

"It tries to fix things by blowing up."

 "How many questions are on this quiz?" --RichardGarfinkel
 "I don't know, I can't count that high." --ProfessorHelliwell

"Physics is not for the faint-hearted."

"I have drawn on the board, a blob" --As the opener of a lecture.

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