Nice job, Good year, most likely fire you in the morning. Four years they said this. Then, one day, the Dread H.P.D. Moody told him his secret...

Former Visiting Assis. Prof. of Math. He "visited" for four years, which may be a record for longest visit ever. Last known to be plotting a triumphant return to Mudd disguised as a CS Prof.

Update: He's teaching summer math 2003.

New update: He taught summer math 2004.

Newer update: He is not in fact teaching summer math 2005.

His research is in fractional graph theory, and has been known to teach Discrete Math, Linear algebra, Graph Theory, Abstract Algebra, Probability, Dynamical Systems, Computational Geometry, and Number Theory.

Went to Mudd back in the day (Class of 92) and lived in SouthDorm back then.

He'll still show up in East occasionally to engage in a little crack, aka SuperSmashBrothers or StarCrack or to play a game of SettlersOfCatan, (occasionally Civilization and AdvancedCivilization?, as well) and is forever one of the coolest profs of Mudd.

Senior to most of the MathDepartment, aside from ProfessorKrieger and possibly ProfessorBenjamin (who arrived at Mudd a year after Levin). That's right, he was here as a MathMajor before any other current faculty were hired.

Also knows a lot about comic books and various such diversions. Visiting his office is a wonderful TimeSuck.


"If I start whacking off bits from the right-hand side..."

"See this chalk? It sucks. See this chalk? It too sucks."

"If you triangulate a triangle..."

"It may very well be that you kick ass." (Is this like "You might just win" of ItrGames fame?)

"You guys and your ' days of the week ' " - Levin after mistaking Tuesday for Wednesday

"It's either going to be zero, or, alternately, zero."

"I have some announcements to make, but since not everybody's here, we'll save the important stuff for later and start linear algebra now."

"Disneyland, being a fascist state..."

"Think about it until it stops making sense"

Ten minutes before summer math was supposed to end: "This is boring. I don't want to do this anymore. You do integration by parts and get an answer. Go home."

"Frankly, you're not old enough for that discussion. YourMom and I will have that discussion with you in a few years."

"Ok, I can't do this, so I'll give it to you as a problem on tonight's homework"

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