Little-known fact, soon to be well-known fact: According to statements made in DE's in Fall 2007, Fall 2007 was the first time Levy had ever taught in college. (She had previously been teaching high school in North Carolina.) In this semester, Levy's class contained a moderate amount of awesome. Rumor has it that Levy has used her experience to further increase the awesome content of her classes.

In Fall 2007, used velociraptors and chem graders as the predator and prey, respectively, in a predator-prey model.

ProfessorLevy taught Math 180 (aka AppliedAnalysis?, more accurately, PDE) in Fall 2008. The last hw assignment was to "creatively summarize the class". AlyssaDray, KwangKetcham, and SarahFletcher interpreted this as "prank ProfessorLevy's office." Thus the AdvectionWhale? was created (in a style reminiscent of the RhinoceRose) and her office was converted into an "ocean of PDE". This made ProfessorLevy very happy - she is a big fan of pranks.


Cocaine will kill you dead! Stay away from it!

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