Been feeling moody lately? Want to?

Professor Michael Moody, previous head of the MathDepartment. Was hired away by Olin College to be a dean. Passed away from lymphoma in January 2010. Was made an honorary alum during alumni weekend 2010.

Herr Professor Doktor Moody.

His FunFacts are way cool.

Too busy for anything this semester.

Including help me figure out what to write a math thesis on, so I went and asked ProfessorAdolph about it, and now I might have a project after all. That's cool.

Moody is one of the ScariestProfsAtMudd.

Don't ever let him tell you the story about the forensic entomologist.

Has been known to teach multi-v, DEs, analysis I, and a topics in math bio class.

So are you into bondage or sailing?

If all the fluid is flowing out of me ...

We're kind of finessing this through the back door.

   -- CalPierog's personal favorite

(waving hands vigorously) Motion is impossible!

"What are they going to do, fire me?"

   --on bringing summer math, his last Mudd class before leaving, a keg

In my humble opinion, Moody is one of the best profs ever. He's pretty much responsible for me adding the math to my math-bio major (both because he created the major and convinced me to do it). He also has all sorts of fun stories associated with him. One time he came back for a weekend the year after Olin stole him (grrr!) and showed up at a WWJD party. By the time I got there he was already drunk and apparently called me Juliette (although I didn't here it) getting me confused with my freshman year roommate. I hear that later that evening someone got pictures of him jumping over couches (and something about a fire?) with some drunken students. Anyhow, the next afternoon I wake up to find an email he sent from the airport apologizing for calling me Juliette and assuring me that he knew it was actually me at the party. Recalling my level of drunkeness and a certain cage belonging to WWJD, I vaguely wish he had continued thinking I was Julie. --Tara

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