ComputerScience prof. Teaches PLs, among other things.

Is totally an anime nerd--for evidence, check out her Inuyasha laptop bag, or the P-Chan pin she wears sometimes. Also, one of her computers is inuyasha.cs.hmc.edu.

Don't call her "Professor". Or better yet, do.


"We don't want to go around exposing private parts"

"You might remember from CS70...although you might just remember CS70 like it was Vietnam."

ProfessorONeill: That's the advantage of an open book exam: I can't ask you about something you already know, so I have to ask you about something new.
Class: But we don't have a book for this class.

"Vi is like an infection, and one person passes it on to another."

"When you go to a thread, and 'p' on it... that was a terrible use of language there."

"Randomized binary trees make ProfessorRan cry."

"I can has CS70!"

WynnVonnegutt?: Could we use some kind of template-like thingy?
MelissaONeill?: You probably could, but I don't even want to think about that.

"So let's say I have a program for assigning grades in CS70, but I don't want you to know it's actually a random number generator."

"When I first read this, I thought it said 'Biology + Algorithms = Fail', but then I realized it actually said 'Biology + Algorithms = Fun'!"

"I had a whole diatribe this morning, which I'll have to give you for completeness."

"I want to insult your intelligence, as I love to do."

"I'm uncertain, which is a cool thing for me..."

"It is kinda somewhat O-tastic."

"It's kinda like if a friend comes to your dorm room and asks, 'Do you have something to eat?' and you hand them a box of crayons."

"Geoff, you are making the world a worse place."

"And you would sort of expect that because--oh, no you wouldn't, we just got lucky."

On colloquium cookies not showing up one week: "I believe that is what we call a 'first world problem'."

We spent time in class, and I learned a thing, and I will never forget it now.

That burn I feel is me learning.

That'll teach me to copy and paste code.

(On [1]++ and similar): I would almost certainly give you full credit, but I would shudder a little.

It's a bit "Department of Redundancy Department", but...

That's what I get for writing new questions. I should have just got with the "map map" one; it got worse from there...

This is where the going gets a little bit weird.

If you have the opportunity to join a company and they offer you a position working on their industrial-strength garbage collector, then... Well, if it's a really good team then maybe join. But if you're starting the team, just walk away.

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