Married to MariaKlawe.

If you've had him, you've been in Nick's Class.
Sadly, your homwork still won't have a polylogarithmic Big O

Has the best quotes, and the best stories. Ask him about Goldilocks and the Three Topologies.


"... Otherwise, you'd have k boys, and not enough girls to satisfy them all."

"Some people like to put a smiley face at the end of their proofs. This time, I'm going to put a wry, unsmiley face, since the only time we'd use this 'better' construction is when you have more than 2^36 inputs and outputs we want to connect."

"Now let's do this without any kinky French math..."

"And now... Hmm... Oh dear, it seems I'll actually have to carry out the subtraction..."

"We're blowing up a small neighborhood."

"And 3 here is one of our favorite numbers, not some wacky rational."

"Now we'll consider the problem of parsing for a context free grammar. But, I'm not going to talk about what parsing or context free grammars are, we'll just briefly go over them and then talk about the algorithm."

"Suppose we know the location of all the enemy's rails, and we wish to find the minimum number of bombs to disconnect Stalingrad from Moscow."

"Now, normally PSPACE would be written with all bold letters, but for something as long as PSPACE I usually get lazy so we'll only put the vertical line for the first P."

"Now, my list here is different from the book because I add another condition that... well, I just do things differently."

"How did we define a topology? We said that it was closed under foo and closed under bar. But whenever we have mumbles of any sort that are closed under foos and bars, it is easy to see that the intersection of mumbles must still be a mumble. The case for unions is less trivial."

"So you can just think of this process as the T-naught-ification of your space."

"As they say on Sesame Street, this class is brought to you by the letter U."

"Now, there's only one set that covers anything in this space, so finding finite subcovers is not challenging..."

"Inverse images preserve all Boolean stuff, and this is certainly a Boolean thing, so it's preserved."

"Couldn't we have several minimal mumbles which are incomparable to each other? Well, the answer, at least for well-behaved mumbles, is no."

"We use 'order' to denote the associate class of generators of the annihilator, and in a large abuse of notation we'll also use 'order' to refer to any element in the class. Of course, we're only dealing with lcms, gcds, and the like, so things are still well defined; we'll just have a gentleperson's agreement not to fiddle with units."

"This of course is not analysis, so epsilons don't have to be small."

"Now we have to put on our concrete hats and show that such objects actually exist."

"So in fields of characteristic 2, alternating is actually a stronger condition that implies both symmetric and antisymmetric. Of course, in any reasonable field.... Haha, well I shouldn't really say that, since I love coding theory and everything..."

"We must clearly now gobble down as much as we can - starting with the grandchildren."

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