Rest in Peace Joe Platt (1915-2012).

The founding president of HarveyMuddCollege. (And a professor of PhySics)

Has a dining hall named after him, though that will only last for another year or so (probably to his relief).

He has been around since before people who were around BeforeYouWereBorn were born (and probably another iteration), but he still teaches a lab or two now and again (usually E&MLab and ModernLab?).

He also likes to sing and play the guitar.

(lyrics to It Ain't The Money: http://www.haverford.edu/physics-astro/songs/roberts/money.htm)

Has some highly spiffy stories, many of which are about physicists you've probably heard of. Often tells such stories during lab, to your amusement and distraction.

Also qualifies as a JediMaster?.

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