He is a scholar and a gentleman, though not at the same time.

In other words he's yoda but also a mischievous pervert--DavidLiao and TeraBell? think he's awesome.

If you would like to evaluate Vatche's personal character for yourself, please consult https://twitter.com/VatcheSays

A new addition to the PhysicsDepartment in '03-'04. Teaches courses including TheoMech?, ElectricityAndMagnetism? recitation, FieldsAndWaves (a.k.a. TheoMechII?), GeneralRelativity?, and the Edge of Sanity. His research is in StringTheory.

In the fall of 2003, he gave a string theory lecture in East 110.

Be sure to ask him about his grandmother sometime.

In the grand tradition of OrrisonQuotes, Wiki brings you...SahakianQuotes.

Always talks about animals (squirrels, he hates squirrels...), junk, stuff, grandmothers, and alcohol. Someone should probably put up a conversion chart from Sahakian to English or vice versa.

Was Mudd's FacultyInResidence? in SontagDorm in '04-'05 and '05-'06. This is largely considered a GoodIdea--certainly by DavidLiao MUAHAHAHAHA >8D. ProfessorMartonosi has taken that position for '06-'07.

Does anyone else think he sounds kinda like Dr. Nick Riviera from TheSimpsons??

NeedsRewriting (this means you, EliBogart.)

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