"Professor Su, Professor Su, across the hall, Professor Gu, he teaches analysis 2, that's math 132, and it's fun for me and you"-- Traditional rhyme taught to young Mudders

ProfessorWard, ProfessorGu, across the hall ProfessorSu; he teaches math 132, which we know is analysis 2, and it is fun for me and you! -- The real version

ProfessorWard, ProfessorGu, across the hall was ProfessorSu, but where he is now, I haven't a clue. ProfessorOrrison's there now (he's new)--The updated version (as of August 2001)

Professor Su (of the MathDepartment) possesses many nifty FunFacts. He is also famous for using topological facts to take off and put on shirts in various combinations and occasionally with his wrists tied together. There have also been rumors about his connection with a female known only as "Captain Astro", who is prone to performing extraordinary feats in the name of math.

Described by ProfessorBernoff as "A boy named Su".

"Aaah! Now I'm mortally embarassed!" --Professor Su

"Suppose I'm not as smart as you, which is really not true." --Professor Su

"It's certainly valid to find a solution as an example of a solution." --Professor Su

"I'm not good at arithmetic." --Professor Su

"If I were a bug, I'd prefer this parameterization to any other." --Professor Su

"Let's place Colorado at the origin." --Professor Su

(Pointing to a 1/(z-1) on the board) "Let's set z=1, but we'll keep it a secret, so this doesn't know about it." --Professor Su

(Usually in reference to multiplying by 1)"You can't stop me..." --Professor Su

"Golly jeezemboppers." --Professor Su

(In reference to deriving "u"...)"Well DU to you too." --Professor Su

"After all, there's only one non-non-empty set." --ProfessorSu

"This is why algebra scares me." --ProfessorSu

"If I blow this portion of the room up..." --Prof. Su

"You guys prefer people or bacteria?" --Prof. Su

"It's funny that I could be so passionate about something that's so wrong" --Prof. Su

"Don't ask me about these Toy Story Band-Aids."

"N greater than or equal to 3 is an exercise. It's good to get some exercise."

"Let's just make it open whatever but closed everything else." --Prof. Su (deciding whether a take-home exam should be open notes) Mmm... clopen book exams...

"Now, we're not actually using the theorem just yet. We're just checking that everything jibes."

" Is there a class in here afterwards? No? Good, then I'm not erasing the boards. I'm so tired."

Professor Su was previously employed by the college as a fountain gargoyle, on the VenusDeMuddFountain.

ProfessorSu discovered that it is a BadIdea to attempt to erase a chalkboard with dry ice. It doesn't work very well, and appearently can hurt the fingers. However, the math 5 class discovered that it is a GoodIdea to bring dry ice to math 5.
ProfessorSu teaches Moore method Topology, which AriNieh believes anyone headed to GradSchool in MatheMatics should definitely take.

He also has been known to teach Multi-V, linear algebra, AlgebraicTopology?, Algebra II (the Galois Theory version), Social Choice (aka Game Theory: the IE) and analysis I and II. He coteaches the PutnamSeminar? with ProfessorBernoff.

His home page is the #11 result (out of 4 billion) for a Google search for "su", only being beaten out by 3 universities, the unix command, one company, and the soviet union url extension's wikipedia, and a stock ticker.

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