Note: There are now (as of Fall2008?) two different ProfessorWilliams. The new one is a statistician in the MathDepartment.

A bio prof in the BioDepartment, specializing in plant biology. Teaches structure and function, biolab, and others. Aggressively knows nothing about marine biology, apparently. She was also apparently quite the Berkeley student in the day, and got into Rockefeller for grad school despite her green hair....

And I don't need to tell you about Viagra because you've all gotten about 600 e-mails about it in the last week.

This cell on the left is a rat liver cell from a healthy rat ... well, up until he was killed ...

From the Stauffer Lecture:

So Helen was being pursued by all the men in Greece like some pheromone-producing insect...

....And Palimedes met a bitter end for his cleverness, so you should keep that in mind (said to a lecture hall full of scientists....)

I don't know if you know this, but, plants don't urinate.

Why eat rice, when you can eat pickleweed?

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