With the rise in popularity of TheGame Inquisition, DavidLapayowker decided that there needed to be a PunInquisition, whose job it was to root out and punish those who make BadPuns. This is not to say that they aim to squash all puns; nay, they encourage GoodPuns?, which are examples of good behavior. Frequent victims include MartinPyne, MaxGibiansky and JulianEvans.

Current Members:

Anyone who wishes the join the Inquisition must show aptitude at delivering justice at those who make BadPuns. Don't look for us; we'll find you.

Now that the original PunInquisition has died, new people are encouraged to pick up the mantle and systematically punish those who choose to commit crimes against humor. Also, by decree of the high inquisitor, the word punishment is not a pun on anything. Not following this decision will lead to an inquisitor's arm and/or torture devices getting worn out entirely too quickly.

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