A PurpleFrosh is defined as any frosh who loves purple more than other colors. It also helps if you have a lot of purple stuff, like purple bedsheets.

The original PurpleFrosh was HeatherJustice in 2005-2006.

The position is currently held by BekyKotcon (and by current I mean 2007-2008). More recently, it was held by LizSarapata, and then AudreyMusselmanBrown, and then possibly by KathleenSchaefer but probably actually by EmmaManning. And then EmmaMeersman, if we're now counting people from all years and not just alternate ones. And then MarisolBeck.

Given the pattern of a new PurpleFrosh every other year, I suggest we begin alternating, declaring a PurpleFrosh one year, and a GreenFrosh? the next. Then, forcing PurpleFrosh and GreenFrosh? to fight to the death.

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