RaiFeren is a SophoMore, majoring in D&D, CS, and Engineering all at once. He will probably never see this page, and would respond to such a question with an infuriatingly unhelpful smile.

He has a bed. Most things are InRaisBed. If you are reading this, you are now in Rai's bed too.

Lysdexic is he. Parseable expressions not are always.

Occasionally emails out LaTeX problem statements. Has gotten a bit better about sending out completely wrong problems sometimes, but still has a tendency to typo weird stuff.

Responsible for renaming ProfessorDeLaet 's "Peculiar Tastes" Hum1 class Fall '09 as "Peculiar Tacos".

Uses \tau in place of 2\pi. Because Tau actually makes sense.

If Rai were a food, he would be black tea. It is uncertain whether this tea would be sweetened or not.


"Go lie down in a corner and start crying."

"...I trained my lost of thought. @_@"

"I found my guys, bed."

(while DMing) "HAVE YOU GONE MAD! ...wait a sec, GOD has gone mad"

"Every time I sleep I die a little inside"

right after Prof Donnelly has a rant about how he doesn't like people on computers during class, Prof Donnelly opens Sakai to see this on the chat box: Rai Feren (Aug 31, 2010 9:32 AM PDT) Its probably a bad idea to use this during lecture... ._."

"How much sleep did you get last night, Rai?" "I would have gotten more but then I woke up..."

"Boyfriends ate her dragon."

"I'm a lima bean."

"Breaking a heart is like breaking in shoes."

"It's always the future!" - AbbyJordan "Hey guys, happy future!" - RaiFeren

"We experimented on small children. One of the testers was wearing a sketchy trenchcoat. This makes our results incredibly valid, just like this place holder text."

About Rai:


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