2016 East Frosh LongTallGlasses Prank

Four 5x5? identity matrices with schwas as zeroes and roses as ones were created on North's walls. One was on the outer wall, two flanked the lounge doors, and one was on an inner wall. The prank was executed at roughly 2:30 am.


LydiaSylla printed out a line drawing of a rose and created a card stock tracing template, then traced 20 rose outlines onto red and pink paper. Scissors duty was covered by EvanHubinger, KateWoolverton, and TommySchneider. HaoxingDu MaggieGelber and MaryClareShen then free-handed the internal details of the roses, which was deeply impressive to the less artistic. Then SaraMcAllister, LydiaSylla, and KateWoolverton traced the details of the roses with sharpies. This process was surprisingly efficient and made all of the frosh very happy.

SaraMcAllister then murdered a small tree by printing out 80 schwas, which were cut out by a variety of frosh organized by KateWoolverton. At this stage notable damage to a number of schwas was done by JonahRubin. Matrix bars were created from black construction paper.

Then the frosh waited a bunch of hours and several people took naps.

Then the prank was executed; there was only a small amount of crisis when one of the brackets was missing and another one had to be created.

(pictures to come from CharlesDawson or whoever figures out how to put pictures on funwiki first)

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