Cute PomonaFrosh?. She wears chainmail undergarments.

see GoodIdea

She is also very fond of invertebrates, particularly cephalopods; she will occasionally get quite snippy about people who fail to put the right number of arms on squid (ten--eight short ones and two long ones.) She is a member of the surprisingly large subset of PomonaFrosh? who were also accepted to HarveyMuddCollege, but, for some reason, failed to attend. Her own excuse is the seductive siren song of English courses; she can't speak for the rest...

(Technically speaking, she is no longer a PomonaFrosh?, but it sounds much better than "PomonaSophomore?", class of 2004, (i think))

She is also known for her GinaExclamations, the fun sounds that she makes when tickled. You should try it- she makes new and unique GinaExclamations every time she's tickled. No, you definitely should NOT try it. Nuh-uh. Nope. BadIdea.

"My noodles smell like toast."

"I think that the world's longest chain of hotdogs is something to be avoided assiduously."

"You're thinking of closing that on my nipples, aren't you?" "Well, yes."

-Gina and Adrienne

eeyipe...I've been paged...

*wondering about the possible relationship between being paged, wearing chainmail undergarments, and that sound effect* Could the pager be set on "vibrate"? I think so.



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