The prank for LongTallGlasses 2005 (this prank was two after the OrigamiRose; the prank had a bit of an off-year before). In a massive effort lead by MatthewLawson, the FrOsh of EastDorm constructed a Rhino out of chicken wire, fabric, and massive quantities of DuctTape to replace the LongStemmedRose over at NorthDorm. It was constructed over the course of two rather hectic days, with most of the work being done by SarahFletcher, but with building assistance from HendrikOrem, AliLee, MartinPyne, and RichardMehlinger, with administrative assistance from DavidLapayowker (i.e. he stood around and yelled that people weren't working hard enough). The Rhino was decided upon in order to be a tribute to ProfessorHelliwell (it had a vector drawn on its side with magnitude "4/5 c"), and also to show up the Sophomores, whose prank last year was rather dumb.

It actually rained on the night of LongTallGlasses that year, which made retrieving the LongStemmedRose from NorthDorm a rather trivial matter, since it was just sitting on top of the vending machines. By the time the FrOsh made their way over to NorthDorm at 4 AM, the entire place was asleep, making the process that much easier. The RhinoceRose was placed on top of the vending machines, and the LongStemmedRose brought back to EastDorm and placed on the NastShelf?, where it was able to be used for FunBallParty the next evening.

The rhino was returned to East on the day after FunBallParty. On the day of the FroshPhysics final, the rhino was brought into Galileo McAlister? on a litter with an honor guard of staffs and duct-tape daggers and was then presented to ProfessorHelliwell following the final.

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