Spring 2009

CSCI181 CM      01      3       Topics in CS: Image Analysis
MATH193 HM      01      3       Mathematics Clinic
MATH157 HM      01      2       Intermediate Probability (1/2 semester)
MATH198 HM      01      1       Mathematics Forum
PE  084 PO      01      0       Playground Games
HIST127 HM      01      3       Twentieth-Century American History
Phil186RPO      01      3       Russell and Witgenstein
CSCI070 HM      01      3       Data Structures and Program Development

Fall 2008

Class...... Number      Falcon Me Ass                   Professor               College Bldg    Room    Days            Start   End
MATH180 HM     01      A Silly Panda's Pies         Levy, R             HM      BK      B134      --T-R--      01:15p     02:30p
PHIL122 HM     01     Ethics: Rand Made Innocent     Wright, D             HM     SP     4N     --T-R--     09:35a     10:50a
MATH167 HM     01     Thy Toxic Employer             L-Hadas, R            HM     JA     B134     -M-W---     04:15p     05:30p
LGCS010 PO     01     No Trout Diction: Linguistics     Paster,M             PO     EDMS     114     -M-W---     01:15p     02:30p
BIOL052 HM     06     Do Unicorn to Tit: Biology     Adolph, S           HM     GA     MCAL     -M-W---     11:00a     12:15p
                                                                HM     TG     101     -----F-     11:00a     11:50a
MATH193 HM     01     Mimetic Itch Canals             Castro, A            HM     BK     B115     --T----     11:00a     11:50a

Spring 2008

Nowhere near as awesome waking up time as Fall 2007 :(
Thing		Thing	Thing	Thing		Thing	Thing	Thing	Place	Place	Person
Engr 059 HM	01	3.0	Intro to Engin	--T-R--	08:10a	09:25a	GA	MCAL	Cha,P
			0.0			-----F-	09:00a	09:50a	TG	201	Staff
Math 172 HM	01	3.0	Abstract 2	-M-W-F-	10:00a	10:50a	BK	B134	Su, F
Phys 052 HM	02	3.0	Quantum Physic	-M-W-F-	11:00a	11:50a	BK	B126	Saeta, P
			0.0			--T----	01:15p	02:30p	TG	103	Saeta, P
Math 131 HM	01	3.0	Analysis	-M-W---	01:15p	02:30p	GA	MCAL	Su, F
Engl 010B PZ	01	3.0	Survey of Brit	-M-W---	04:15p	05:30p	AV	226	Bhattachar
Math 189 HM	02	3.0	Topics in Disc	-M-W--- 02:45p	04:00p	BK	B134	Pippenger

Fall 2007

Whee! 11_{10} and 11_2 for MW and F, respectively :)

What?         What??         Oh, that.                          Who?                 Where?  Where??  Oh, there.  When?            Oh, Then.
PHYS051 HM 	07 	Electromagnetic Theory & Optics 	Sparks	 		HM 	GA 	MCAL 	--T-R-- 	09:35a 	10:50a
											HM 	TG 	101 	-M-W--- 	11:00a 	11:50a
PHYS053 HM 	11 	Electricity & Optics Laboratory 	Saeta	 		HM 	JA 	B115 	-----F- 	03:15p 	05:15p
MATH171 HM 	01 	Abstract Algebra I 			Benjamin 		HM 	BK 	B134 	-M-W--- 	01:15p 	02:30p
MATH168 HM 	01 	Algorithms 				Pippenger	 	HM 	ON 	B143 	-M-W--- 	02:45p 	04:00p
PHIL108 HM 	01 	Knowledge, Self and Value 		Wright	 		HM 	TG 	203 	--T-R-- 	01:15p 	02:30p
STS 001 HM 	01 	Intro to Sci, Tech and Society 		De Laet 		HM 	PA 	1285 	--T-R-- 	02:45p 	04:00p

JOB 017 HM      17      CS 81 Grutor                            Keller                  HM      Q       1717    SMTWRFS         12:00a  11:59p

All the course numbers are of the form Sum{Floor(n*(r^k): r=2/3, k>=0), and this is the only sequence in OEIS containing them all. None of the 3-digit ones can be expressed as the sum of 2 squares. The technical courses numbers have the property that their base 5 representations, interpreted as base 10, are semiprime.

Spring 2007

I'm a frosh, how complex can it be, right?
Co(u)r(s)e #    Section  THE IMPORTANT PART             Nowledgeable:   STUFF YOU DONT CARE ABOUT REALLY       Start      End
MATH013 HM 	03 	Differential Equations I 	Jacobsen 	HM 	BK 	B126 	-M-W-F- 	09:00a 	09:50a
CHEM022 HM 	02 	General Chemistry 		Daub, W 	HM 	GA 	MCAL 	-M-W-F- 	08:00a 	08:50a
PHYS024 HM 	04 	Mechanics & Wave Motion 	Lyzenga, G 	HM 	GA 	MCAL 	--T-R-- 	09:35a 	10:50a
									HM 	TG 	103 	-M-W--- 	10:00a 	10:50a
PHYS028 HM 	11 	Physics Laboratory 		Hoard, D. 	HM 	KE 	B127 	-----F- 	03:15p 	05:15p
CHEM026 HM 	03 	Chemistry Laboratory 		Hill, D 	HM 	JA 	2308 	--T---- 	01:15p 	05:15p
CSCI081 HM 	01 	Computability and Logic 	Keller, R 	HM 	PA 	1285 	-M-W--- 	01:15p 	02:30p
PHIL001 PO 	01 	Problems of Philosophy  	Thielke,PG 	PO 	PR 	203 	-M-W--- 	02:45p 	04:00p

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