Member of SuiteBetrayal.
Majors: HiStory? and ComputerScience
AIM: TallNapoleon?
Current GradSchool: UCRiverside, in European History
EveOnline? Character: Miyamoto Isoruku--any Mudders interested in trying EVE out should hit me up for advice, ISK, and piracy :)

Once (and occasionally still) known as FroshRichard?, RichardMehlinger graduated in 2009, thus becoming a SketchyAlum and beginning his move into the RealWorld. By this he means living with his parents for the summer while working at LaserFiche, and then attending UC Riverside to study modern EuropeanHistory? (in its broadest terms, 1789-1945). Although he has successfully obtained a single on-campus apartment, he would still love to know about any other Mudders at Riverside, and will likely be coming back somewhat frequently for ITRGames and BluesDancing.

As of summer 2011 he has completed his MA in European History, and has been hired by SpirentCommunications?, where he will work with KevinOelze.

Another nickname Frosh seem to have attached to him is Richy despite the chases and subsequent poke attacks that occur.

Also, he has recently begun playing WoW. It's tragic, I know, but quite fun too. Worse, he has been playing EVE for three years.

Sponsor for class of 2010 and 2011!



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