RobertService is perhaps best known (certainly by Rezidents of AlaskaUsa, at any rate) for his numbingly rhythmic verse of AlaskaUsa, YukonTerritory, and the GoldRush? of '98.

Some of his seminal works on this topic include:

   *   TheSpelloftheYukon
   *   TheCremationofSamMcGee
   *   TheBalladoftheNorthernLights?
   *   DeathintheArctic
   *   The Ballad of Touch - The - Button Nell

But RobertService also wrote at great length about the horrors of WorldWarOne? and many other topics. These works include:

  *  Rhymes of a Red Cross Man
  *  Ballads of a Bohemian
  *  The Coward
  *  Faith
  *  The Release

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