RoomNumber: Off campus
 CampusPhone: Not on campus, ergo, no CampusPhone.
 SuiteMate?s: Assorted kittens
 Email: rbaur@hmc.edu
 BirthDay: Wouldn't you like to know?

This is not a chair.
RobinBaur is a former ThirdFloorEastie who has acquired the nickname of ScaryMathFrosh because of her taking Abstract Algebra and dodging most of the Core Math.

Although the facts that during her frosh year she was awake until all hours of the night and her roommate was asleep most hours of the morning and afternoon might lead one to think that both were in possession of permanently RotatedSchedules, this is not, in truth, the case; Robin is just an insomniac and her former roommate the opposite.

If she had any sense at all, she would sleep more instead of staying up until all hours of the night doing nothing in particular, but this is apparently not the case. It is also not any kind of problem, as there are always other people awake to keep her from being lonely. As a result, she is chronically SleepDepped.

Has been proclaimed "evil" by no fewer than four people because she (along with SteveHaas) incited MicahSmukler to post the Not-Frosh Not-Hum challenge, to use the Brouwer fixed-point theorem in a totally inappropriate way (BawMahNow?) on a math assignment. Even more evil, she is responsible for introducing suggestible people to [The Pairing List that Ate Fandom]. Be very afraid.

RobinBaur was RichardGarfinkel's assistant in the LegendaryDelTacoRun.

She enjoys ghost stories such as are found in Hum1: Monsters Fact and Fiction. She is currently working on two: Beowulf vs. Frankula and Hyde and Mecha-GoatMan? vs. Polio. I certainly see a career in writing for this woman. And definitely not math. She doesn't enjoy math whatsoever. You shouldn't ever go to her to ask her math questions, especially about things that can't actually be found in the real world. Nuh-uh. I mock her Friday Chem Lab. Ha. Especially because it precludes enjoyment of the AFITop100Films. -BenjAzose

NeedsRewriting. *shifty eyes*

A few anagrams for Robin's full name:

 *Lo! a chubbier Merlin!
 *Clobber! I ruin a helm.

Extra points for the first person who doesn't already know it who can figure out her middle name from these and write it here. (It's not that difficult.)

Michelle. -JulieWortman

Some quotes:

 "Why does drinking a soda heal the scientist character?" - Robin
 "The dog heals himself by picking up car batteries, and you complain about this?" - EvilSouthie
 "Well, that made sense. This doesn't." - Robin

 "He's just like a puppy, you kick him and he comes right back asking to be kicked again." -Robin
 "You kick puppies?" -BenjAzose

  "I love the smell of chalkdust in the morning." -Robin

  "Good Glayvin, no! That's not where it goes!" -Robin
  "But Robin, why would I put that there?" -Lori

  "Pancakes are like pulsars!" -Robin

  "That's one big-ass photon!" -Robin (on terminal SleepDep)

    JulieWortman: "RoomDraw was nominated for Dorm 'It's obviously not a fertility festival'?"
    RobinBaur: *hysterical laughter*
               *sustained hysterical laughter*
               "Permanent brain damage..."
               *continued hysterical laughter*

    RobinBaur: "Wagon.  With platelets."
    BrianYoung: "Your wagon has platelets in it?"
    JulieWortman: "...I thought you were just happy to see me."

  "I'm amused that I've never been Robin."

  "'no.': those three simple characters that are so hard for a man to say. 
   And by a man, I mean a programming language." - Robin

   "I'm tiling your floor with frosh." - DanCicio

   "She's got dominatrix boots. You can't win." - Robin

   "Hey, I've only got one hand!" - Robin, while typing...
   "No - pen! pen!" - Robin, trying to defend herself against Richard's baseless allegations.

   "When in desperate peril, think like a mathematician." - ProfessorEsin

Schedule for Fall '06:
 PHYS561 Wishing John David Jackson Had Never Been Born for Fun and Masochism   Csaki     TR 8:30-9:55
 PHYS572 Making Mathematicians Cry for Fun and the Uncertainty Principle        Elser     MWF 11:15-12:05
 PHYS510 Coping with Deranged Experiments for Fun and Credit                    Hartill   Forever
 PHYS207 Tormenting Premeds for Fun and Profit                                  Thorne    All the goddamn time

Schedule for Spring '06:
 LIFE001 Surviving Until Graduation                  Self-taught       MTWRF  12:00-11:59  17.0
 SO   80 Personal Relationship Seminar (with lab)    Professor Bogart SMTWRFS 12:00-11:59   6.0

Schedule for Fall '05:

 MATH197-01 HM Senior Thesis                     Bernoff   ARR           3.0
 MATH136-01 HM Complex Analysis                  Jacobsen  MW 1:15-2:30  3.0  Tentative.
 PHYS117-01 HM Bad Idea                          Esin      TR 9:35-10:50 3.0
 PHYS111-01 HM Worse Idea                        Sahakian  MW 11-12:15   3.0
 CHEM051-01 HM Worst Idea                        Baker     MWF 9-10      3.0
 CHEM053-01 HM Worst Idea Lab                    Baker     RF 1:15-5:15  2.0   

                                                           Total Units  17.0

   Are those StatMech, TheoMech?, and PChem??  O_o
      It's a long, long story. The supermegaultracondensed version reads, simply: I'm a DumbAss. --RobinBaur
   Just...jeebus.  Good luck with that.  --JulieWortman, who thought two of those ideas were enough

(Template gratuitously ganked from JulieWortman, who ganked it from *mumblemumble* who ganked it from *Iforget*, and so forth.)


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