Roomcest is the equivalent of incest when family members are replaced by RoomMates.

Potentially a great way to end up time-sharing a SingleDouble with someone who doesn't talk to you anymore, which may or may not be kinda lame.

mmmmmmmm... RoomMates...

A word from the ProctorOfVice: Many people believe that roomcest is evil and sinful. These are not bad people, they are merely locked into the rigid conservative mindset of our culture. They should not be mocked or ridiculed for their primitive and backwards beliefs; instead, we must look on them in love and help them to see how much more valuable a RoomMate can be.

SuiteCest, on the other hand, is universally acknowledged as all good.

With indications from the trustees that they may be willing to consider gender-blind housing in certain HMC doubles, the appeal of RoomCest may now spread to heterosexual couples. While we're still waiting for DAC and the trustees to get a specific proposal to consider, general consensus is that pulling a room with your SignificantOther is a BadIdea, all joking aside. --MartinPyne

see also: NotOnYourRoomMate

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