Welcome to RoomDraw. If this is your first year, you have to suck it.

Alternately, World War I without the guns.

I know that the first rule of RoomDraw is that we're not supposed to talk about RoomDraw until the numbers are out, but I'm not thinking about upperclassmen here. I'm thinking about the froshlets (much like myself this year) who are constantly hearing mentions of it with absolutely no explanation whatsoever. The goal is that when frosh ask about RoomDraw, everyone says in unison "The first rule of RoomDraw is that you don't talk about RoomDraw" and meanwhile someone sneaks him or her surreptitiously a link to this webpage.

First of all, why the secrecy? For good reason. If you're hearing about RoomDraw, you're probably far enough into the year that you understand that HarveyMuddCollege is a very non-competitive place. Because of the lack of grade inflation, people aren't busy actively trying to screw each other over in classes, and it makes for a nice atmosphere all around. RoomDraw, on the other hand, is a zero-sum game. Its one of the most competitive events at HarveyMuddCollege. Just like 5classcompetition and FroshSophGames? and MuddgolianBBQ?. If you get into EastDorm next year or whatever other dorm you want to live in, you're essentially preventing someone else from living there. They tend to be very unhappy about this. So, people get defensive of themselves and their friends and you'll hear very strong language about people who are perceived as "invaders" or "outsiders".

Second, the basic mechanics. Numbers are randomly selected and given out at the end of Spring Break. From there, you pick a roommate and draw on the better of your two numbers. There's a complicated order for the way seniors draw and there are a number of SneakyTrick?s(proctor/mentor pulls, indormstatus nepotism, petitions) in the way people "pull" other people (especially in singles), but basically, that's all that you need to know. Inevitably, people find their niche and even if it isn't exactly the room/roommate of their dreams, all's well with the world.

During the TheCoronavirusExodusOf2020, ZoomDraw was held in place of RoomDraw.


Frosh talking about RoomDraw:

What's RoomDraw?

I think we pick numbers out of a basket and thats what room we get.

I think we get pieces of paper and pencils and we draw what we want our rooms to be.

I think rooms battle each other, and when there isn't a winner or loser, its a RoomDraw.

I think this may be the most guaranteed way to drive everyone insane.


Things you cannot do:

--- Don't forget that it's a great opportunity to make fun of people's middle names. -JulieWortman

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