Roses are edible! If you might ever deem it appropriate (or wholy inappropriate, preferrably) to freak out friends while having a tasty (and oh, so texturey!) snack, munch on their roses! A single long stem, a lover's bouquet (careful with that one) RoseEating can indeed be a part of your balanced daily meal.

CAUTIONARY NOTE: RoseEating is all about the pretty part - it is not known by this denzien whether or not stems, leaves, thorns, roots, etc. are edible. Only the petals (mmm, texturey) are vouched for here.

 Really.  Just ask KimEspinoza.
 if you ask me, i might be confused. i don't get it. - kim

 Of course KimEspinoza is confused.  That would be my claim as well, were the situation reversed... JTJ(TJTJTJTJ)

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