This page exists ==> Ross is a GoodFrosh Q.E.D.

Ross is a human who lives in East.

He is currently without a purity score, but has an average SMACX score of over 9000 (this is actually true)

Among other things, Ross has student as a profession, and when he is in a fey mood, and has dice, books, and graph paper available, he creates D&D related material. He generally throws a tantrum if any of these materials is lacking. He has amazing taste in everything from videogames to Anime, and while he is generally bad at Mario Kart, what is more fun than watching people swear semi-continuously at PenGuins and/or cars? Ross is, at least partially, what is known as a LoungeFrosh?, one of the prerequisites to becoming a GoodFrosh. The most insufferable feature of Ross is, perhaps, his tendency to hum, or his overbearingly sarcastic social manner. Despite these offsetting features, Ross is generally friendly.

Ross's major is undeclared, and may stay that way for a while. Ross feels strongly that people who feel that the previous sentence included a grammar mistake are wrong: "Ross'" is a perfectly unacceptable alternative to "Ross's", especially considering the correctness of /three/ 's's in a row. Seriously... ss's? Ross's aversion to alcohol does not stop him from attending some parties, and while vice sketches him out somewhat, He looks forward to Funball.

Overall, Ross's unnecessary complication of the tasks required to create such a page makes him spend effort sometimes unwisely, and, as a consequence, his FunWiki page is somewhat longer than most.


"If vim was a wasd-style first person shooter, I think more people would use it for editing text"

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