Akin to the circadian rhythms of vampires. Studying, working and socializing takes place at night. Sleeping occurs during the daylight hours.

Can also apply to schedules which, while not completely reversed, are rotated far enough to make certain aspects of normal life inconvenient.

A definite problem during the school year. Bah. Sleeping NormalPeople style is for Wussies. Not as much of a problem during the summer, at least if you're working for a ComputerScience prof.

Ironically, I've had more trouble maintaining my RotatedSchedule over the summer than I did at Mudd. Weird, huh?

Useful for avoiding that freaky daystar thing.

I do not miss the sunlight. The very memory of it burns my eyes.

see: JustinPava, AndrewSchoonmaker, DanCicio

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