The rose had not been placed on display for LongTallGlasses, much to the dismay of the Frosh, who had been planning this for a while. Hints had been dropped that the rose was simply hidden, but the fact that it wasn't at the party was disheartening.
East Frosh '13, after hours of planning and 15 minutes of construction, invaded NorthDorm at 4:20 am. They hung about 25 Greek letter Rho around on the light strings of the previous evening's LongTallGlasses party, and a large Rho right next to North Lounge.
Two North residents spotted the act, and threatened to prevent rose-jacking. They dropped more hints that the rose was around somewhere. In the end, they went back to bed.
After a short scouting trip, the location of the rose was uncovered (behind NorthDorm) and the rose was jacked.
In East laundry room as of 4:48 am.
Update: still there at 1:10pm.

Photo of the rose in the laundry room:

And we put it in the lounge at 3:30pm
Update: still there at 6:30pm
Update: still there at 6:50am
Update: still there at 12:00am, 11/24/09
Update: still there at 12:00am, 11/25/09
Update: still there at 12:00am, 12/6/09

A Commemorative Poem:

Quietly and stealthily the Eastie frosh did sneak,
With the darkness of the early morn disguising their great feat.
Behind the dorm of North they did find the giant rose,
And replaced it in the courtyard with a couple rows of rhos.
The giant rose did find itself in East's laundry room,
And then propped up on goldfish in the lounge the next afternoon.
Now the giant rose sits way up high for North to steal it back,
So the next generation of Eastie frosh can attempt the traditional hack.

Frosh involved:

Honorable mention to:

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