RyanMartinez makes a lot of sounds. There is no filter. A lot of them are moans. These reactions are usually provoked by profound realizations or deeply gratifying moments, such as realizing that one kind of math shares an underlying connection to another kind of math or finding a beautiful match in a jigsaw puzzle. Legend has it that upon learning that that venus fly traps can count, RyanMartinez unleashed a sound sufficiently great in magnitude and raw guttural feeling that it silenced Prof. Bush and the entire Big Shan lecture hall for a good 5 seconds. Legend has it the recording of that lecture had to be edited in order to remove said Ryan Sound (only those who witnessed it firsthand know the experience).

Note: A strange effect occurs sometimes: if put around other Easties doing something intensive, and the RyanSounds occur, the Easties will probably join in on them in one way or another.

"We probably shouldn't try and onomatopoeize any of them" - AvalonFeiler

Rather than onomatopoeias, the various *nut* emojis of the EastDormChat are what immortalize these sounds for future generations of Easties.

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