A RolePlaying campaign (D&D 3ed) run (and created) by NickJohnson.

The world is entirely custom-built, an obsession from Nick's mind that took form Summer 2001. The premise for the campaign is that all sorts of truly unfortunate stuff are happening to this unbelievably complex world, and the players (most of whom grew up in the same village together) go off to do whatever they bloody well feel like doing.

May 9, 2002: The Caladanian Cycle has ended. On the battlefields of the West, the champion of the void has fallen, and the Seekers of Ancient Mysteries are scattered. Creation has been destroyed and reborn. The dark elves have returned to the world of men. And of the nine who once gathered to quest the land, only two remain: Belman, and Kes.

A DMs confession:

The campaign was not started to be an epic. I wanted to run a player driven plot where the characters would be the initial impetus for any eventual plot. Ie, some recurring villain would only be a villain because of PC action and not because of pre-determined DM choice. The players, however, proved incompetent at choosing direction, so it slowly evolved into an epic. This is not to say i knew how it was going to end when this trend became apparent. I didn't. I knew who was going to die (or more appropriately, which character would definitely not die) well before i knew how everything would be resolved. I just kept developing the story in a direction that seemed logical from the current situations. I knew nothing significant more than a week ahead of time, which allowed me to adapt to every development because even i didnt know where i was going. That it turned out so well pleased me greatly, even if it became more like storytelling than D+D at the end. I guess it hard to call it my campaign cause its really everyone who was involved's campaign. I was merely the director, rolling with the punches and hurrying to make sure the lighting came on when it should though there was no cue until moments before. I guess in my mind thats what all roleplaying should be about, telling the story, and the job of the DM is not to create the story, but to provide impetus for the story and to make sure that all the props and supporting characters are there so the story can be carried to completion. Note that i didn't even play the one truly important NPC (Olivia), Lori did.

The obsession lives on, albeit not developing as fast as it was. Maybe when i have a campaign again i'll post updates about whats going on. In the meantime, there are more stories from this campaign that could be told. Bard, your task is unfulfilled. Muse, where is your inspiration? Your servants slumber. Surely there are more voices that can be raised to join the chorus below.

That better not be the chorus to WeRideOutOfWivesTales :P

Songs of Caladania:

WeRideOutOfClivesdale: The "theme song" of the campaign, courtesy of the the party's bard. It's the Clivesdale Callsign! Bwah!

WeRideOutOfWivesTales: Drinking song based on the above.

RootsOfGraceAndBeauty: Written by WillShipley and StephGrush, with late-night insanity assistance from NickJohnson, the tale that follows tells of the Dark-Elven caverns, and the wonders found within.

QueensSacrifice: StephGrush and WillShipley are responsible for this character-piece, bringing the choices and sacrifices of each member of the party into the light of song.

EndOfJourneys: And so they came to the end of their journeys; but their deeds shall ever be told. A euolgy for seven of the nine companions.

The Players:

Interesting facts about the land of Caladania:


"Do I still feel the effects of Tongues?" --WillShipley

"Bel-man-Ow!" --StephGrush

 Nate:  "Is Olivia going to be an NPC?"
 DM: "Yes, looks like it."
 Nate:  "Good, because I'm looking for some interaction with that character."

"He examines the rod . . . Oh, come on, why else do you think wizards take on apprentices?"

 LizzieKadison:  "I've heard this type of conversation before:  Mommmm, can Christy come over for dinner tonight?"
 Will:  "Except that in this case, it's like inviting in the Secretary of State"
 LizzieKadison:  "Mommm, can Margaret Allbright . . . I mean . . ."

 DM:  "About noon, a woman rides into town . . ."
 Clay:  "A woman?  Is she naked?"
 DM: "What?!"
 Clay:  "Well, you said a woman rode into town.  What was I supposed to think?"

 DM:  "She turns her horse and passes out to the North, beyond the farms."
 Steph:  "She passes out?  Is she drunk?"

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