Back in the 1995 A.D., the mysterious SamWard was discovered by a young AlexBobbs. Alex had been called upon by his new school to name someone he would like to room with on the 9th grade trip, and he mistakenly wrote "Sam Ward", thinking this was the name of a nice guy he had just met (whose real name was "Sam Wald"). Alex assumed that the school would catch his mistake and put him with Sam Wald. But no. He was roomed with Sam Ward, and Sam Wald was roomed elsewhere. Someone had apparently registered this "Sam Ward" separately, and added reservations for him on the trip (which must have cost the school a few hundred dollars more). This idiot had also apparently forgotten to check whether Sam Ward had paid for the trip, was a member the 9th grade class, or was even an actual student at the school.

Since then, Sam Ward has been the permanent roommate of AlexBobbs, although pretty much no one ever sees him. His twin sister, Samantha Ward, is the on-and-off-again girlfriend of AlexBobbs, but few have seen her either (except on Facebook). Since witnessing a string of NearlyEmptyPages created by KurtDresner, Sam has vowed to patrol Wiki as the heroic and dashing NearlyEmptyPagesNazi, spewing his mighty wrath on all who would dare to create NearlyEmptyPages.

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