This page doesn't exist, and probably Frosh (but maybe senior now, except when eternally frosh or not wanting to admit that grad school apps are a thing) (now a grad student braving coronavirus so I still think I'm a frosh to life)

Literally (using literally figuratively of course) pure evil. (I object K8 aka KateWoolverton)

She is often known to be in violation of the FroungeContract. (well now there is no TheFrounge so I'm good there, and I was never in that big of violation, right MaggieGelber?)

A cyber-bully. (only in theory) (where theory = reality) (but what is reality? and who wants to play the game of questions? also now it really is your birthday so Happy Birthday!)

also TheChalk

I also want to link to random pages now: NinjaGaiden, FanService, FreQuency, GeekQuest

She also likes the card game Hanabi! (I like many games. Current favorites include Hanabi and Mysterium)

2016-18 East Mentor, 2018-19 East Proctor

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