Has recently become the Sovereign State of Sarahlity. THE EMMAS ARE FADING AND THE SARAHS WILL INHERIT THE DORM.

A member of Timesuck XVI, and the Class of 2015.

Every day she's Schefflin'. Sometimes goes by Scheffles.

Mixes music for FunBallParty.

Dancing skills are limited to DDR and (apparently) dancing like a drunk girl at FunBallParty.

Regular participant in ItrGames. Also one of the only frosh (or anyone really) moderately dedicated to the FnordCompletionRun. (Until Fnord died. Now lives in perpetual dissatisfaction.)

Likes Starcraft, D&D, gaming in general, and doesn't get to spend enough time reading. Is a member of the Homestuck cult. Can usually be found in the lounge or courtyard. Loves naps.

Is now a member of timesuck. Timestuck? YES. TIMESTUCK. Sleeps in East 110 with EmmaDavis, MaryEliseElam, and MengyiTao at night. Or, at least, did.

Is an EmmaPimp?, and possibly the true cause of EmmaMagnetism. This is too much power for one lone Sarah to bear.


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