This is the tale of a man whose foolishness left him briefly without an exam, and of his three friends who saved him from his folly.

One night, the SuiteBetrayal member known as KevinOelze was taking his NumericalAnalysis? exam. This exam was long and tedious, so Kevin took a break, as many exam-takers before him had. Kevin spent this break in the lounge of SuiteBetrayal, playing the game known as Smash. Upon his return to his room, Kevin had a stunning realization. Inside his room was his exam. Inside this room, also, were his room keys. This, however, was not what struck him with fear. What struck him with fear was the realization that the door to his room, which lay between him and finishing his labor, was locked.

Thus began the event forever known as SaveKevinsExam.

Fortunately, Kevin was not alone. The exam-taker enlisted the help of such bold meta-SuiteBetrayal members as ArenOlson, DanCiliske, and SkyeBerghel. Together, they hatched a plan to climb onto Kevin's balcony from the balcony nearest it. Unfortunately for this team of exam-savers, MartinPyne had gone to bed. However, Fortune shone upon them that night, as Martin was not yet asleep. The four went onto Martin's balcony and attempted to help Dan climb onto Kevin's balcony. Alas, they were unsuccessful, as Dan, tall though he was, could not reach Kevin's balcony from Martin's balcony. A new plan would have to be formed.

As Aren was the lightest, it was decided that Skye, Dan, and Kevin would boost Aren onto Kevin's balcony from the ground floor. Upon reaching the ground floor, Dan declared that he could reach Kevin's balcony if Skye and Kevin would help hold him during the climb. Despite boosting himself off Skye's shoulder, and Kevin's mighty strength, Dan could not reach the balcony, one story away, where Kevin's exam remained. Thus the four decided to return to their first plan, in which Skye, Kevin, and Dan would lift Aren to the heights of Kevin's second-story window. Luck was with them on this third attempt, and Aren was successfully lifted to the exam's dwelling place. Victorious, the three lifters returned to the suite as Aren emerged from Kevin's room.

And thus, those who lived in SuiteBetrayal learned the importance of having room keys when taking a break from one's exam.

--written vaguely in the style of a Greek epic poem by SkyeBerghel

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