The only one of the ClaremontColleges where TheRatio is infinite.

Only true if you only count people living on campus. Last year there were four males enrolled at Scripps and I don't believe any of them graduated. This results from the wording of the Scripps Charter which states that any child of Scripps faculty is automatically accepted at Scripps and that if they're male, they're not allowed to graduate :-). That four males actually decided to go is odd, but possible.

Also, there's the problem that TheRatio seems to be defined as males:females, not females:males, which would make it theoretically zero, not infinite.

Often, the rumored male students of ScrippsCollege are actually in the JointScience? PostBacPreMed? program for people who decided after completing undergraduate degrees that they would actually like to go to MedicalSchool?. Technically the JointScience? program that includes ScrippsCollege, PitzerCollege, and ClaremontMcKennaCollege is run by ScrippsCollege in such a way that the JointScience? Profs. are employed by ScrippsCollege and the pure JointScience? students are students of ScrippsCollege.

--note by Eva the Scrippsie: each of the faculty are individually employed by one of the colleges -- some are Scripps, some are CMC, some are Pitzer. JS seems to be the most CMC controlled -- faculty evaluations are the CMC standard ones.

TheRatio at Scripps is no longer infinite due to a few trans men who transitioned after attending the school.

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