A well-known Scrippsie for her large personality and voice (which is also quite lovely when singing Italian arias I'm told). Good friends with ErikShimshock in high school. Meets too many boys online. ;0)

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Excellent. I blame this Wiki Node on MiriamLeisman. Mwa-hahahaha!

Fall 2005 Schedule:

 ENGL 191    Senior Thesis in English                                 
 HMSC 145    Ireland: Culture in Conflict                             T   6:30    Crowley
 MUS 174B    Chamber Choir                                            TWR 12:00   Kamm
 MUS 170B    Voice                                                    M   2:30    Goltz
             Performance Class                                        T   4:15    Goltz
 MUS 160B    Singer's Diction                                         TR  11:00   Goltz

Total Hours: 3.5


"Save me a kipper... I'll be back for breakfast!" -Ace Rimmer

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