Seema Patel is a newly elected BastionOfPurity for EastDorm. She is curious to see how others describe her, so this page is meant for others to fill out.

So write! Now! Add your comments to describe Seema for all eternity to the entire world!

The Seema is an autonomous intelligent organism known to reside in EastDorm. Never nakie, the Seema takes even showers fully clothed. It is even rumored that she has no legs, but ,as her pants are never off, no evidence has ever been gathered to confirm this. Platypi seem to gather around her, a large number coming from the far off land of ebay. Is known to be really bitter about not getting any, and was the only participant in her own bitterness party who remained single afterwards. Backrubs cause her to make really disturbing sounds in the lounge.

--SquirrelArmy official report

She's got legs!!!! I've seen them!!!! It's all a conspiracy I tells you! A CONSPIRACY!!! -RobAdams

Hell, I've seen her play StripDrink?...she's got more than legs... -Anon

And now I've seen her play StripMarioParty? as well...and...yeah... -also Anon


I just want to know why she was made Bastion of Purity... it doesn't make sense. ExplodingHeadSyndrome.

That's really the point of being a Bastion of Purity, silly. You didn't honestly think KimEspinoza and PeterBoothe were really pure, did you? I mean, when JohnWalseth and IanSchempp ran for the East Dorm Presidency, a highlight of their platform (besides the promised herd of goats, which won them at least 30% of the vote) was the "Bastions of Purity? We think not." smear campaign. That was 2 years ago. To quote the slander posters, hello?

Oh my! I am really pure, I'll have you know. And so is Seema. She is also a Seamonkey. - KimEspinoza

Here they are, the BasicRulesofHumanInteraction --Seema


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