Former roommate of KatieLewis. Currently in East 119, first floor back hall.

I am also going away at the end of this year, so I have stuff that needs new homes! E-mail me if you're interested. If I list how much I got something for, I want money for it. If I don't, I'd appreciate money but will not demand it.

Her name is pronounced kind of like "celery" and kind of like "melanie". It is not pronounced like "celine". She'll accept most pronounciations that have three syllables.

First Subject of KoppyKingOfTheKosmos.

WINNER of NaNoWriMo2004?. [blog of novel] Also participated in NaNoWriMo2003?, but didn't win.

Finds many profs scary, including all of the Physics department except for ProfessorSaeta.

Walks around campus with a bell, er, keys+whistle, jingling around her neck. Well, maybe not jingling if they're zipped under her jacket.

Is excessively fond of mint, and always has some sort of mint product on her person. If you find a pair of mint-smelling gloves... What were you doing looking through her pockets? (She claims that she only likes mint because it helps her fend off nausea and air/carsickness.) Well, yeah, it *does* help me with nausea! There was that one time in Frosh Chem Lab where the organic chemicals were making me really nauseous and kind of dizzy, which is really not the best state of mind to be in during Chem Lab, but I was fine once I got the lab assistant to track down some mint for me. Until the mint wore off, but by then the lab was almost done. Yay happy ending!


Is happy she managed to make Silvanas (on the ReciPes page).

Responsible for the WuZZle epidemic, particularly the ones that get mistaken for boiling chips in chem lab. SeleneTan: They're NOT Groodies!

Managed to convince the ACM competition team of KaiLiu, AlexUtter, and JonahCohen? to adopt the name "Chainsaw WuZZles", as a corruption of ProfessorEckert's "Chainsaw Weasels." (Corruption? What are you talking about?! WuZZles are good!) Besides, I thought it was guinea pigs. Don't look at me, they started with the team name "Chainsaw Weasels."

Co-wrote TheresAKnifeInMyPocket with RyanRiegel.

VideoGame notes at STanGameNotes. GoodBooks notes (and not the Barron's Book Notes kind) at STanBookNotes.

Is involved with RolePlaying, owns several forms of RolePlayingCrack? that nobody else has heard of, and is continually getting more.

Likes incomplete sentences without a subject.

On the other hand, this sentence no fingers.

Wonders how she could have forgotten the following characteristic: would probably feel "warm" in Hell, before it freezes over. Can often be spotted around campus in the cooler-but-definitely-not-cold months wearing her heavy jacket, black scarf, and green wooly hat.

 Selene comes into the lounge and starts talking to JeremyLennert.
 Selene: "I'm cold!"
 Jeremy: "It's not cold."
 Selene: "Yes it is!" puts hand on Jeremy's arm to show him how cold her fingers are
 Jeremy: "Your hand is cold!"
 Selene: "That's because it is cold!"
 Jeremy: "That doesn't explain why your hand is colder than air temperature!"

I have a humidifier! It is good! It pours steam into the room, making it warmer and less dry and making it so condensation appears on our windows for easy identification! Everybody should get one!

AlexUtter: If it starts raining in your room, you should turn the humidifier OFF. 1) Because then it's not going to be adding any more humidity, and 2) because it's BAD to have it rain in your room.

Has decided that she really likes the animes WitchHunterRobin and GhostInTheShell, but not HellSing? and maybe not CowboyBebop either.

Has a room even less organized than her WikiNode?.

SeleneTan is somewhat scared of heights, and more scared of falling. She dislikes lofted beds. As she puts it...

 ...Unlike TheBed
 It is up there in the sky
 It's up there very high
 But not as high as maybe dirigibles or zeppelins
 Or lightbulbs!
 And maybe clouds
 And puffins I think they go quite high too
 But not as high as TheBed!
 Coz TheBed is very high

(with reference to [We Like The Moon])

Oh yeah, I got this weird game craving over the summer and it's still kinda bugging me... I feel the need to play a game (preferably a console-style RPG) with a prominently-featured dark, brooding, mysterious, guy. Kinda like Vincent or Magus. Except, good as Chrono Trigger and FinalFantasySeven are, replaying them didn't do anything for my game craving.

I played some Castlevania games. That helped. Now I'm in the mood for something crafting-heavy...

Eats Garlic.

"You know when you're craving salty..."

"I think I need to get a sharper knife..." This might go under ThingsYouDontWantToHearYourRoommateSay

"Quit being in love, we need a revolution."

"I've been gagged and booked" --RyanRiegel

"A rail gun is not a high precision instrument." - AlexUtter to KaiLiu

"If I keep my cellphone on the same side of my pants all the time, will I get cancer of the pocket?"

ChainMaille: "Oh my god, you're scantily clad!" I like how I can be "scantily clad" when wearing a long-sleeved shirt, pants, and boots. --SeleneTan

SeleneTan: I think I have a mental block against doing this hum paper."

KatieLewis: Well, I think I have a mental block against figuring out this study abroad stuff.

Katie: I know! I'll do your hum paper if you figure out this study abroad stuff for me! Then it'll be something like "Okay Katie, you're going to Australia day after tomorrow. Here are you plane tickets." and "Selene, I did your paper, but it's about whales. The psychology of whales. Piano-playing whales. With, with penny-whistle flippers!"

SeleneTan walks into the wrong room for her FroshPhysics ReCitation?, recognizes no-one, and leaves.

ProfessorEckert : Looks like they're letting in homeless people now.

AIM exchange with an online friend about the wonders of the Mini-golf game for LSD:

SeleneTan: hmmmmm.... i think the club's just a little big for the ball...

Friend: Hehe, nothing wrong with a big club. :-D


Friend: K, maybe I could be wrong.

Note that their team-name is RailGun WuZZles. Wheeeeeee! (Hence the window title, RailGun Golf.)

Written on white board of the door: KNOCK LOUDLY THEN DUCK

[loud knock]

[Pause](ducking involved)

Selene: "Nothing happened. I feel cheated."

 ChrisRoberts: "How do you spell 'tattoo'"?
 SeleneTan: "T-A-T-T-0-0". (note the zeroes)

AlexUtter and SeleneTan are waiting for their plane in the Oakland airport.

 AlexUtter: Don't you think it's kind of weird how they have all their badly-phrased security announcements, and now they're playing happy elevator music?
 SeleneTan: You do realize they're playing "Every Breath You Take", don't you?
 AlexUtter: No...
 SeleneTan (singing): Every breath you take, every move you make... I'll be watching you
 AlexUtter: So the Department of Homeland Security is watching you?
 SeleneTan: Uh-huh! And the song is even by The Police!


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