The first ginormous wave of crack last year. Successor to the CrackGammon craze of 1998.

A highly addictive board game which is often found in the toaster in the EastDormLounge. This was a highly irritating and amazingly stupid thing that people who didn't like playing the game and wanted to prevent others from playing the game did (See also: DumbAss).

Wow... I am stupid and evil.

AKA Settlers Of YourMom.

Variants include Settlers of Mao and Settlers the Gathering. Former is sufficiently awesome, latter sucked.

Something that is put in the toaster. Sometimes the toaster is then turned on if your name is ShamikMaitra.
Anthropologist's journal, February 23, 1999.

 These strange creatures who have "settled" in EastDormLounge are demonstrating
 many complex social behaviors, mostly centered around the barter system.  I am
 still attempting to decipher their "language", a series of loud hoots and
 grunts which they use while gesturing with pieces of cardboard.

 "Sheep for a sheep?"
 "Of course, NOW he rolls a seven."
 "You're not getting any grain, okay?  Deal with it."
 "I honestly don't see why you're building a road there; all it does is piss the rest of us off."
 "Doesn't ANYONE have any rock?  Please?"
 "Mmmmm.... Wood and Sheep...."
 "Wooden Sheep?"
 "Sheep dep!"
 "I have wood for sheep..."

Among other uses, has a nonzero chance of producing a BoardQuote:
 "Gosh! I feel fertile!"

"Julian is a sheepernaut!"

See also: CthulhuSheep

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