The first GiantStuffedAnimal in recent memory.

It's tradition for the FreshMen from EastDorm to steal NorthDorm's (large, fake) rose after LongTallGlasses. When that time of year rolled aroud in Fall 1998, TreasaSweek (then the EastDormProctor) was seen bouncing around and saying "I think the frosh should make a sheep..."

That night, a professional team of trained frosh stealthily clambered onto the NorthDorm roof to take the rose, which was suspended from the overhang. But in its place, they left a present. It was a sheep, carefully assembled behind locked doors from garbage bags, newspaper, DuctTape, toilet paper, and other magical artifacts. It was a truly beautiful creation, with wide, questioning eyes and pointy little feet. The Northies liked it so much they kept in in their lounge for several days after the party (poor thing).

Destroyed by a merciless rainstorm that struck 1 week after LongTallGlasses. The poor fluffy sheep was forsaken to the ravages of the weather.

Participants (cause someone should record this while we still remember): CubanJon? (the roof-climber), NickJohnson (Bearer of the Sheep), ClaireLaunay (wait, but she wasnt a frosh...), AiyeshaMa, and others? (add yourself if you participated)

Claire and I helped them a bit with construction and provided general encouragement, but the Frosh went and put it up by themselves, as is proper. --TimBuchheim

See AluminumRose for the following year's LTG prank.

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