Suite that used to consist of Rooms 105 and 107. Members included AndrewKouzelos, DonNy, JonathanBeall, and KevinBergemann. Possibly also RobinBaur.

Please Note that this suite and not FloodSuite aka HaloSuite is the preferred ShoweRing venue this year (04-05) in EastDorm.

It lacks a divider in the bathroom making it convienent for fiting more people into the bathroom and more difficult for the one being showered to grab onto something.

Check out the ShowerCount?? on the wall outside.

If you want a ShoweRing, just ask...

As of the 2007-2008 school year, Punishment (of TreaSon) has taken on the duty of ShoweRingSuite. Current members include ChrisSauro, BenKeller, BobChen, and StevenBerler. The ShowerCount? has been restarted, notable for increasing by fourteen during the NightOfFourteenShoweRings?.

Eighteen ShoweRings served this year and counting!


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