A fantasy world turned on its head. The obsessive lord Farquaad banishes all fairytale creatures in order to create his "perfect" sanitized kingdom, and then sends Shrek, a world-hating ogre, and his not-so-loyal not-so-steed to rescue the Princess Fione, who has a bizzare curse placed on her. Wierdness and hilarity ensue.

AlexBobbs thought this movie was a lot of fun. I was a little disapointed at how much low-brow humor worked its way in between all the great fairy tale spoofs (really, people, fart jokes were never funny in the first place), but then again, as a satirist, I had high expectations for this movie. Some parts were absolutely hillarious, especially the morbid torturing of the Gingerbread Man, a rather obnoxious womanizing Robin Hood, and the magic mirror. Eddy Murphy's routines with Mike Myers were also very clever. The rest is a nice message for the kids, which probably no one on FunWiki cares about. One quick thought: Why was Cinderella offered as an option when Lord Farquaad was looking for a princess? She only became a princess after marrying a prince!

KimEspinoza though this movie was oddly unpredictable in the first half and then oddly predictable in the second half. It was a strange combination. I really liked the first half, I could appreciate it and all. I liked the ideas that lead to the second half, but then the second half started kicking less butt. Anyway, fun movie, but I thought there was way too much animal eating there. Like, eating rats on a stick, I didn't like that part. No rats on a stick, please.

RobAdams: I saw this movie about a week ago and I found it to be a reasonable enjoyable experience. There were some good laughs in it. The cheesy morality bits fit in well with its premise as sort of a fractured fairy tale/morality play. Mike Myers does a good job and, unlike most of his recent efforts, so does Eddie Murphy. It's true that the ending it pretty predictable, but it's interesting nonetheless, and there are still some surprises. All-in-all, worth the price of admission.

AriNieh thought this movie was hella fun and you should see it.

JoeFrosh: "Oh my god you have an arrow in your butt!"


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